Planning various business transactions and preparation of contracts

In drafting or reviewing a contract, not only do we conduct syntactic and structural review of the correctness and logic of the client’s draft, but more importantly, we seek to find the optimal business transaction model, predicting possible risks and reaching an agreement on the distribution of risks in order to reduce uncertainty and ensure profitability in every transaction.

Assisting businesses to establish an intellectual property system

The goal of an intellectual property system is to ensure return on investment and to guarantee freedom of movement in the market along with fair business transactions. As such, we place special importance on helping businesses establish an intellectual property system, setting up protection of trade secrets, patent tactics, and trademark policy.


We devise trademark tactics in line with our client’s marketing strategy. We go beyond simply filing an application on their behalf, and actively shape trademark strategy to best match the product, packaging design, advertising content and choice of media, all in accordance with the given marketing plan.
We help businesses develop a trademark user manual to guide them and their distributing partners in the proper use of trademarks, including how to avoid the infringement of trademarks or other commercial symbols. Furthermore, we assist clients in establishing a trademark protection system that actively promotes the growth of a successful trademark and secures exclusive rights to the derivative meanings of the descriptive terms of a trademark so as to prevent said trademark from becoming a commodity name, thus resulting in the loss of exclusive right of use.

Trade Secrets

We help our clients to establish a trade secret protection system, which encompasses everything from the management system to security measures and legal relations and includes the protection of the confidentiality of internally produced and externally obtained documents.


We gather key patents and technical information from competitors and industries to establish a patent database in accordance with the features of our client’s product or the components thereof, in addition to outlining a patent map as reference for R & D personnel and executive-level decision-making.
We believe that various types of technical patent analysis, such as analysis of market freedom, patentability, and validity are indispensable. Therefore, we do not stop at merely drafting and filing a patent application according to the embodiment and the invention disclosure form (IDF) provided by the inventor(s). Instead, we distinguish ourselves in writing patent applications by systemically planning the exclusive claims contained within each application according to the potential application, industry structure, marking and usage of the respective invention.
Considering the intense competition currently taking place within the hi-tech industry, it should come as no surprise that patents have become an incredibly critical tool for effective competition. Consequently, businesses have also begun to engage in patent wars, not only conducting research to secure patents, but also actively searching for and acquiring relevant technologies and patents, forming alliances or joining patent pools. Hence, we believe that assisting businesses in developing patent policy is of utmost importance.

Technology and Intellectual Property Transactions

Commercialization of the Invention

High-tech firms are now engaging in new types of transactions revolving around new inventions, such as the transfer of individual or institutional research results to other companies for productization, joint product development with other entities, and the establishment of a new company for commercialization purposes. Every single transaction is unique, such that there is no universally applicable transaction model. Hence, one of our featured and most valued services is assisting our clients in identifying the best business transaction model specific to their needs and providing the most appropriate contract.

Technology Transactions

Technology has already become one of the most valuable commodities today, and the planning and contract development of technology transactions, such as collaborative research, cooperative development, outsourcing development and technology transfer, are crucial to the success of such transactions.

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